Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hi Sarah!

We'll, you've drawn me back out of blog-hibernation. Here's a little update for you and for anyone else that is still out there listening.

Anna is doing well. She's 21 weeks pregnant now. Morning sickness is past and she's getting kicked and punched a lot. I've felt Fuzzy kick twice. Yes, we call our baby 'Fuzzy.'

I'm busy with work, and meetings, and an online course. In amongst all that I'm trying to get out for a canoe trip next week. This afternoon, after I get off the computer, I'll head up into the garden and plant some things. The Temagami grocery store was giving away unsold tomato and basil and other plants earlier today.

My sister Lisa was up for a visit. She just left. Was nice seeing her, but too short of a visit.

Of course, Anna and I are moving to North Bay in October. I suppose we haven't mentioned that here. Yes, we're building a house. What made us decide to do that? Price of gas, time commuting, lack of childcare in Temagami, more employment options for Anna.... We're keeping the house in Temagami (to be called 'the cottage'). The new place will be a bungalow, ~1300 sf, walking distance to groceries, work, downtown, park. I'm really looking forward to this, but leaving Temagami will be hard. We love the sense of community here.

I'll put up some photos of Anna (especially her belly!) and the house (aka the hole in the ground) real soon.

I still plan on writing a finale post that will wrap up a lot of my cancer experience (thus far). I'd like to re-read the blog to remind myself of what I went through. Only a few months ago, but chemotherapy seems like ages back.

Oh, and the North Bay Firefighters' Calendar was released yesterday. Again, if you want one and haven't let me know yet, leave a comment here or email me. We might be having a webpage set up where you can order online, but I'll let you know. See here for an article from (That's my back in the middle of the poster on the firetruck.)


Anonymous said...

Fuzzy is very lucky to have such amazing parents!
Yes.... I want a calendar! Hope to catch up with you very soon. Very happy to have you on your blog again! Stay out of hibernation please!!

Anonymous said...

HURRAY!! More news from Bob and Anna! And such good news about Fuzzy, and also the hole in the ground. I'm sure that North Bay will feel like the big city after Temagami. How great you will keep your place up there, too. Thanks for the posting and, in advance, for the photos, and maybe I'll be able to hook up with Anna at some point this visit - or, if not, at Christmas.
Love and hugs to both of you, and Fuzzy,


Jamey said...
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Jamey said...

No more "Temagami Bob"? Speaking from experience as someone who has made many moves to someone who has made few recently, you'll be OK, your reasoning is sound and the timing is right. and North Bay is just that much closer that we will hopeful see you when we are back in the winter.


So, So, So glad to read a happy ending to the Blog.