Wednesday, June 17, 2009

$8,110 raised!

Bob raised over $8,000 - hundreds of dollars ,more than his goal. WAY TO GO SWEETIE!
Bob did a quick turn around and is off on another adventure. He will post more when he returns.
Thank you all who donated! There were 3,550 riders and they raised over $14.5 million! HOORAY!

Waiting for Daddy at the finish line!

Friday, June 5, 2009

7 Days To Go!

Fundraising has been fantastic in the last few days, with over $1000 coming in! I still have over $1600 to go to reach my goal of $7500. Honestly, a few months back I didn't think I would reach that goal. Now, with your help, I know we'll pass it!

I'll be training hard this weekend, with back-to-back long rides (including one day of about 150 km). Next week I'll be taking it easy, with just a few short rides to stay in the game.

Some friends have asked for a "vegan" fundraising option. This is because money donated for research purposes may incorporate animal trials. I absolutely respect this. Anyone interested, please email me.

I'll also be writing names on my hand in honour of those fighting cancer and in memory of those who lost the battle. If you would like me to write someone's name on my hand, please let me know. I already have 27 names.

If anyone will be in the area next weekend, I'd love to see you at a cheering station or the finish line. Contact me for more info!

Ride on!