Sunday, October 5, 2008

Things are coming along!

Sorry it has been a while! Growing a baby and building a house at the same time is pretty busy!
Bob and I are trying to keep life calm and uneventful (ha ha - you know what we mean though!)

You can't see a lot of what is going on inside the house, but changes are happening! This is a picture from a few weeks ago. The house now has mudded drywall, siding on the sides and back, stucco coming soon for the front, the first coat of paint is on inside and the flooring is in boxes inside. Flooring gets installed next, then the kitchen! The actual stairs are in and the banister posts are clamped into position. We have purchased all the light fixtures for upstairs, which they say they will need in about a week.
I can't wait to see what the floors look like!
Baby is also still growing, I am bigger than this now, and will post more shots soon.

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Anonymous said...

Looks great (your belly and the house)!

Do you happen to know Smoothwater Ecolodge in Temagami (I am guessing you must...)? I am considering taking Dario up there for a few days after Christmas for a winter adventure. Would you recommend?