Sunday, November 2, 2008

Its Ours!!

We took possession of the house Oct 31. Hard to believe that it is done and ours! It is amazing watching a house go from paper drawings to an actual home!
I brought the first load down from Temagami (thanks for packing the car Carolyn!)to make our move official. We have the basic kitchen set up and some of the baby things in the baby's room.
Bob's mom Jean is coming up Sunday with some things and we will be madly packing the rest of the house. Monday is big move day - thanks to all he folks coming to help out!

Here are some pictures.

We are hoping to be actually moved in and living there by the middle of the week!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Anna and Bob!

The house looks fabulous and so does the very pregnant lady in the witch hat on the looking forward to hearing about the arrival of baby very soon now. Lots of hugs and good thoughts to both (all) of you!

Sarah L

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new little baby... :) Glad to hear everyone is doing well
Your house looks beautiful. Life is looking amazing for you guys!

Jamey said...

90 degree angles?
level floors?
tight windows?
three pronged and available outlets?

you guys are in heaven