Wednesday, June 17, 2009

$8,110 raised!

Bob raised over $8,000 - hundreds of dollars ,more than his goal. WAY TO GO SWEETIE!
Bob did a quick turn around and is off on another adventure. He will post more when he returns.
Thank you all who donated! There were 3,550 riders and they raised over $14.5 million! HOORAY!

Waiting for Daddy at the finish line!


Anonymous said...

Awesome work Bob! $8000+, that's crazy! Great pics. I'll send you mine once I get them off the camera. Are "we" going to do the Ride next year!?! Don't tell Mom!

Mom said...

Hah . . . you think Mom doesn't read this stuff!!!!!

Anonymous said...

BOB - WOWEE!!!! Congratulations Congratulations Congratulations! I am so proud for you. You really are kind of an amazing young man. Blessings to you, Anna and sweet Matty. Oh yeah, your Mom's pretty sweet, too, right!
Patricia from Nashville.

Anonymous said...

Bob, Anna - how are things in your world? Is Bob ok? Haven't seen any postings since June. Please just post a quick update, ok? Patricia from Nashville