Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Boring, please

You have probably noticed that I do not post here as often as I used to. This is because I am trying to make my life more boring than it has been recently. Life is not boring when you have cancer and you get your wife pregnant using frozen sperm. Certainly, there's other things going on in our life right now. Those of you close to us know of another major life change that is coming in the near future, which we will post about here when the time is right. But all in all, I'd like life to calm down, thank you very much, and soon. Enough earthquakes!

Today was the photo shoot for the firefighter's calendar. I'm working on posting some of the proofs here, but I want to clear it with the photographer first (you know, copyright). The shoot went well though. It's amazing what you can do with shadows. Makes me look like I have a 6-pack, when in reality I only have a 4-pack, and that's only if you look at just the right angle, in just the right light, when I'm flexing in just the right way. Seriously, if you actually want a calendar, post a comment here or drop me an email and I'll make sure you get one. They should be out in August.

I've been getting back into the CrossFit workouts, as well as attending more yoga classes in North Bay. Also looking forward to my first canoe trip of the year next week. Anna will be away, so I'll have no excuses to not get out!

Jodie and Lisa have surpassed their team fundraising goal of $5700, however Lisa still has $61 to go to meet her personal goal of $2500. We can't let that discrepancy persist, now can we? I'm looking forward to the trip down to Toronto and Niagara Falls in 2 weeks to watch them ride.

Considering that my life is about to get extremely boring (I HOPE!) I want to tell you now that I will probably stop posting here after Lisa and Jodie's Ride to Conquer Cancer.


Anonymous said...

Haha haha!! You are very very funny! Life will not get boring with a little one around... who are you kidding!! Nice thought though. People are going to want pictures and see the progress of this wonderful miracle... or we will just have to get up there to visit more often. I would love that!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Matt, one of my dear old students from Belleville (who's now a poor university student) I'm only $21 away from my goal of $2500!