Thursday, June 5, 2008

A few recent workouts

Just because the photo shoot is over doesn't mean I'm stopping the healthy living. Went for a sauna today (the first in awhile) in New Liskeard, and did this workout this afternoon:

Run 10 km 58:32

That's the first time I've done that specific workout for time, so now I have a benchmark the next time I do it.

Other recent workouts include:

June 4 - 10x 135# Squat cleans and 50 situps, then 8/40 6/30 4/20 2/10 (10:22)

June 1 - 5 rounds for time of 25x 40# dumbbell swings, 25x 45# good mornings, 25 knees-to-elbows (29:29)

May 31 - 10x 135# thrusters and 50 double unders (aka double skipping), then 8/40 6/30 4/20 2/10 (14:50)

May 30 - 100 pullups (7:05)

I've also been taking some ashtanga yoga classes in North Bay. It isn't the same as the hot, sweaty yoga I took in Portland, but I'm still loving it. (I see now that I didn't blog about my Maine yoga experience. While there last month, I dragged my brother-in-law Peter out to a Power Yoga class at a studio run by his brother. He'd never been. The room was about 25 celsius and 60% humidity. The class was 90 minutes long, and by about the 20 minute mark I was sweating buckets, as were the other 49 people in the small room. My naturopath would be proud.)

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