Sunday, April 5, 2009

He's growing so fast!

Matty is around 17 pounds already! He is very active and talkative. He loves to laugh (a lot), have splashy baths, read books (and turn the pages!), play with toys and kick his feet.

He is strong and last week he really started trying to sit up. His latest thing is to go from lying down to standing when we give him our fingers to pull up to sitting. He is pretty good with his balance, but soft surfaces or our arms are required when he tries to sit! He is also quite the conversationalist, as you can see from the video below.

Parenting this little guy is such a wonderful thing. He brings so very much joy to our lives!

Here are some recent photos:

Going for a walk on a sunny, but still chilly day

Matty in his new wool pants made from a sweater - wool works great as a cloth diaper cover! It is much less bulky on his butt to have cloth diaper and wool pants than cloth diaper, waterproof cover and THEN pants!

Supervising Daddy's physio exercises

Enjoying Dr Seuss


Mmmmmmmm.... fingers....

Talking in his swing


Anonymous said...

So cute. Love him to bits!!! And Mom and Dad, too.

Anonymous said...

Guess I should have signed my name. Grandma

Anonymous said...

Super-cute pics! Love his little sunglasses.

Anonymous said...

Anna and Bob, he is gorgeous! What wonderful photos, and video. Totally irresistible! Ours is due on 17 May, but expected sooner. Hopefully, not much sooner (I promised my mom not to have him/her before early May, as she's coming on the 13th and wants to meet a newborn, not a one-month-old!)

Love, Sarah L.

don said...

Wow what a treasure. I see he is soon!

If I could be so forward as to offer you some advice....take time every day to read to your child. Take him on your big long knee, craddle him in your arm and read to him. He will cherish your voice and your touch. You will find such good medicine there.

He is truly a beautiful child.