Thursday, August 20, 2009

Teething sucks

I'm glad I don't remember teething. Last Friday Matty spiked a fever, which we sorta controlled with baby acetaminophen. Then it was two full days in the car as we drove first from Temagami (er, Freudian slip) North Bay to Toronto to Rochester, and next to Portland to visit Hilary, Peter and family. Matty wasn't happy with car seat torture, and the 30+ degree weather didn't help. Yesterday he was inconsolable, not eating, not sleeping. But last night something changed, and he slept for 13 hours, with only one minor interruption. Yesterday Anna and I felt like lumps of parental-goo. Today we feel wonderful. Now off to enjoy a lovely Maine day!


Jean Olajos said...

"Parental-goo" . . . can't say as I ever felt like that. But then I don't think I ever drove more than about 3 hours in one stretch with a baby strapped into the car seat.

Hope everyone is feeling better now.

Love, Mom/Grandma

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob and Anna, there are lots of natural products that you can find for teething. There is a homeopathic one that is AMAZING... I will try to see whether I can remember what it was.
Remember.... I was 4 years before we drove in the daytime hours with my kids. Sometimes, life does need to slow down for kids.... I loved those first "slower" years. Kids are worth it!