Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back home

Finally, after over 2 weeks on the road, we're home again. First to Maine to visit with Hilary, Peter, Ben and PD. Then to Vermont to visit with a whole pile of Anna's friends. Then New Hampshire. Then St. Catharines to see Sarah Laughton and Sophie, her 2 month old daughter. Then Toronto, and now home again. But we won't rest for long. We're headed back to Toronto for my first IVIG appointment at St. Michael's Hospital. (Don't think I've blogged about this before, but will soon. In short, my body currently produces insufficient quantities of immunoglobulins, so I will soon begin a lifelong supplementation program. Should make me less susceptible to bacterial illnesses and maybe H1N1!) We're staying in S. Ont. for the weekend to visit Mom and Dad. Matty's looking forward to a swim in the pool. Then another appointment in Toronto on Tuesday, and we'll be home again. Then I think we're glueing our asses to North Bay for awhile!

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