Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Quick Update

We have been told that there are not enough updates on the blog so I am posting this quick one. (This one is for you Yves!)
Bob is doing well, more tired than he would like, but feeling pretty good all in all. Sleeping pattern experiments are interesting, as Bob is trying to eat earlier and go to bed earlier. 5am is not an unusual wake time and he is frustrated with lying there trying to sleep so gets up. Needless to say our schedules don't match much these days!
He is also trying to bulk up his weight and muscle mass for his pin up debut as firefighter of whatever month. So all of his time has been spent making and eating yummy food. Can you imagine Bob muscling up for a calendar!? Well, watch out 11 other firefighters - and ladies, remember he's MINE! Though we'd appreciate you all ordering calendars!
Chemo #7 is on Thursday. It feels so close to the end and yet as Bob points out, there is 25% of his treatment left. The first 2 treatments were intense and had significant impact on him, so we are preparing ourselves for whatever these next 2 hold. We have the 2 neulasta shots in the fridge, ready for Friday and 3 weeks from now. We'll see whether it is me administering them or Bob. Whenever I think of the price of those I feel like we won a small lottery! Hooray for drug plans! I can't imagine if we had to pay out of pocket as some people do... Also thankful for OHIP coverage and socialized health care!
23 days until the last treatment (but who is counting!!??)

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Anonymous said...

I was suffering from blog withdrawal...

Good luck on #7 on Thursday.

Cheers, Yves!