Saturday, March 1, 2008

Thank you dear friends!

Anna here. I just wanted to post a thanks to all the lovely women helping to take care of Bob while I am away!!
Thanks Leslie and Jayne for making sure Bob got home safe from chemo and taking care of him settling him in at home and doing some post-chemo TLC that I can't do from here! I know he probably could have driven home just fine, but it helps that I didn't have to worry about him driving! It means so much for me to be able to trust that Bob is in such good hands. I bet Lynn got a kick out of it! Did she know that I called them? :)

Erin - Thanks for carpooling with Bob too! Who knew there would need to be another hospital trip so soon! I know it is nice to share the driving around on winter roads, I am glad it worked out for you both! I hope the girls got a good nap too.


Anonymous said...

Anna, Bob - it's Patricia from Nashville. I just happened to check in on you guys and you've mentioned a trip back to the hospital. Is everything alright? I know Bob just had another treatment. Is he ok?

Anna said...

Hi Patricia!
Thanks for checking in and your kind thoughts. Bob did well after the shot. We had another adventure last night (see today's post) and he is doing better again. Tired and achey, but ok.
Thanks again and hope you are well!