Sunday, March 23, 2008

Starting Strength

I've started a new fitness program.

Now WHOA, WHOA, WHOA! Before I get a chorus of comments saying, "Take it easy, Bob, rest, respect what your body's been through...." let me explain.

First, one of my great fears when I first heard I had cancer was that I would be bedridden for months. That has decidedly not been the case. That I have been as active as I have been is truly a blessing. Second, I am resting. Every other day, sometimes more, I do nothing more strenuous than walking the dog (though if you know my dog, you might think this strenuous). Third, my sleeping is much better now that I have those little blue pills (no, not THOSE little blue pills!). Fourth, most of the research shows that moderate physical activity lessens the side effects of chemotherapy and speeds whole body recovery. (Of course, the challenge for me has been finding the line between moderate and more-than-moderate!) And finally, my way of respecting what my body has been through is by moving it, not allowing it to wallow in a lump on the couch.

Blue Steel

Now on to my new fitness program. It's called Starting Strength, and is a program for novice weightlifters (think barbells and clean and jerk, not dumbbells and bicep curls). Basically this program involves five simple but infinitely complex exercises (kinda like tai chi): the squat, the bench press, the deadlift, the shoulder press, and the power clean. I do these exercises with heavy weights and eat a ton of good, clean food. The goal of this program is to, well, get stronger. I'm trying to do this for the calendar. Basically beef up a little bit for the ladies.

I actually find this whole calendar thing rather amusing. Those who know me well know that posing in a fireman's calendar is about the last thing anyone would expect me to do. Goes to show, "Never say never!" and that life leads you strange places. Follow!

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Anonymous said...

You have my seal of approval on the workout... if you need another change... let me know and I will send you some more ideas...:)
You really should write a book when this is all said and done! There are so many doom and gloom about cancer books... this one would be such an inspiration! One of the best fitness books that i will ever read.. i feel it in my bones!
Love you guys!
Thinking of you always!