Friday, November 23, 2007

New Rx's

Anna and I just got back from a day trip to Huntsville to see a naturopath. This guy specializes in cancer, one of the best around. More on him later, as it's getting late and I don't want to take too long with this post. But the thing we're most excited about is one of his "prescriptions" for us.... get a sauna! We've wanted a sauna for a long time, but it's just moved to the top of the priority list. I think we'll buy a prefab storage shed and retrofit it into a sauna. It'll go in our backyard, behind where my gym is right now. Apparently saunas are good for lymph circulation.

Oh, and I got my pink t-shirt today. Aline (the intuitive healer) told me that when there is fear, wear pink.


Jodie said...

That is one of my most favorite stories about you two... when you first met in the sauna... I won't tell the rest since this is a public viewing site!

Lets just say, You can reinact your sauna stories over and over now!! Get building! And rebuilding!

Hope you are getting the beautiful sunshine and snow that we have had the past couple of days!!
Sunshine makes all seem worthwhile!
Love to you both!

Jane Laughton said...

Reading this put me right back in Temagami, when we joined you in the woods on your honeymoon camping! It rained impossibly hard! the tents were flooded. Bob went off quietly in the dark and came back to announce that he had built a fire in a sauna in the woods nearby, belonging to an abandoned summer camp. We slogged through the rain, stripped off soaking wet clothes in the rain in the pitch dark outside the tiny sauna -- then opened the door to the intense heat and glow of the fire in the dry blackness... Then there were the dashes out through the rain, feet squooshing through cold mud, and into the dark lake!

This memory is a treasure to take out and look at forever. Thank you for sharing that time with us. May your new sauna bring you health, as well as fun and joy!

Peterhune said...

Sheesh, what some people will do to get a sauna! Joking, of course.

Nice to read the latest posts, and to hear that you guys are laughing now and again. Incidentally, I know a followup story about the lady who went to the doctor about her gas.

Seems her hearing wasn't so great. For instance, one time she was sitting down to lunch with some friends of hers, and the conversation turned to how much more expensive things have gotten.

One of the women held her hands about a foot apart and said, "time was, you'd get a cucumber this big for a penny."

The woman to the right of her scoffed "That's nothing! Back in my day, a penny'd get you a dozen onions, each as big as your hand." And she held her cupped hands out to make the point.

The deaf woman waited a sec, then looked at her two friends and said "I didn't hear a word you just
said, but I think I remember that guy."