Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Battling Demons

I just returned from a sauna at the YMCA. Nice thing, living in the city, to have easy access to a sauna. I like to meditate in the sauna. Once I read about the Dalai Lama's daily meditation practice. During meditation, he goes to other worlds and does battle with the demons that are trying to tear this world apart. Whether you believe it or not is irrelevant; he believes. Heavy stuff. Anyway, in the sauna tonight I encountered some of my own demons. At first I thought whoever was bringing me these bad dreams was a demon. (A few nights ago, in my dreams, I found a lump in my neck. Then last night I dreamed that I got flesh-eating disease and had to have my right arm amputated.) But then I thought that perhaps these dreams are a good thing, reminders of what could happen and not necessarily what will happen. So I focused instead on the positive: healthy immune system, able to recognize good from bad; strong, healthy, balanced and flexible musculoskeletal system; healthy lymphatic system, removing toxins from my body.

And now it's time for bed, and hopefully some good dreams.


Anonymous said...

p.s. LOVE more pics of Anna and Matty. What a miracle he is, huh!

Patricia from Nashville

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob, it's Patricia from Nashville. Dadgummit - I just wrote you an e-mail and it didn't post. First let me wish you and your sweet family a Happy New Year. I wish you a year filled with lots of love, good health and happiness. Your family is just wonderful to look at.

Here goes again. I said that you and I had come a LONG way in a year, wouldn't you agree? And good for us! I asked if you felt any lingering effects from chemo. My bones ache and I have a bevy of issues that I did NOT have before chemo. Do you?

don said...

....may your dreams and visions make you strong and guide your heart and mind to positive. May they be blessings to you and not curses. May they lift you up and not tear you down. May they bring you peace and not confusion. Though they may be dark, may they show you light. I see by your blog that you are loved and that you love. blessings to you and may you continue to be an inspiration and blessing to others.