Saturday, January 3, 2009

Simple Plan

The Bad Dream returned last night. (No, not the one where I'm chased by a giant.) In it, my cancer is back and I have only months to live. At least, I dream, now I can leave my wife with a son. Upon awaking, I realize it was "just a dream" as if such horror could be there and then be gone. I turn on the TV, something I almost never do in the morning. Someone has left it on Much Music, a channel I almost never watch. But there's a catchy tune playing. When the tube warms up, I see faces, names, each with a date and those beautiful words: Cancer Survivor. I start to cry.

Simple Plan is a Montreal band with a new single out called Save You. The song was written for the vocalist's brother, who was diagnosed with NHL and underwent two years of chemotherapy. (Six months was enough for me!) Proceeds from the song are donated to various cancer charities through the Simple Plan Foundation. I'm hoping they'll spare me some change for the Ride to Conquer Cancer. (Note to self: get going on fundraising!)

You can watch the video on their website, and you can download the song there or on iTunes.

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