Thursday, January 15, 2009

Our growing little boy!

Our sweet baby boy is a dream come true, as you know!
Here are some updated photos of our little love. He is getting to be a big boy!
In the past 2 weeks he has really started to smile at us and we are having a good time with silly games and faces.
He does love having a bath...

And has started to interact with some toys (though his favourite toys are mommy and daddy!). Here he is talking to his "Whoozit".

It is such an amazing thing to watch him grow and learn. My heart just keeps expanding with love for this little being.
Here he is hanging out in his relatively new fancy cloth diaper cover.

And me "wearing" him in the Moby D wrap (which Bob usually does)


Jane said...

What a beautiful baby! your joy in him is beautiful, too.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god he is soooo gorgeous! I love that crooked smile he has in his first pic!! Wow! He is growing soooo big!