Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Back from Obabika

First of all, let me send out a big Happy Birthday to my Mom!

Honestly, I used to think she was kinda dull, but what teenager doesn't? Actually, I've recently discovered that she has quite the adventuresome side. Today she's driving a rented car across the springtime prairies to Cochrane, Alberta, visiting family and savouring freedom. Have a great day-after-your-birthday, Mom!

Myself, I've recently returned from Obabika Lake. Anna basically kicked me out of the house, saying I'd been cooped up all winter and had to get out. Went out there to visit with Alex Mathias for his own 60th birthday party. First evening was a great party, campfire by the beach, tall stories in Chinchilla Lodge, and Temagami huskies running amok amidst the revelers. Then I headed across the lake to Ranger Point, where Ed, Kim and myself did a big cleanup of an old can and bottle dump. You know it's old when the rusty Iron City beer can has no pulltab, no pop-top, just two holes in the top made with a nail. You can see a few photos on the Friends of Temagami weblog.

Tall stories abound at Chinchilla Lodge

Alex Mathias holds court


Anonymous said...

Good for Anna getting you out of the house!! She is the best! Best wishes to your mom. She is awesome! Good for her to be on an adventure...
See you soon. Love to you both!
One month today and Lisa and I will be finished our great adventure!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the "after-birthday" wishes, Bob. I'm in Calgary now. Of all my travels, I have to admit that I was most apprehensive about driving in Calgary. But I sailed right through to my girlfriend's home in SE Calgary . . . didn't miss a turn!!!! I'm off to lunch with cousin Mickey today and then off to Vulcan and Medicine Hat tomorrow. It is a bit on the soggy side here . . . rain for 2 days.

You really enjoyed your canoe trip and visiting with Alex, nice and relaxing after all the happenings of the last few months - good therapy.

Hi Anna, Lisa, Yves, Joe (if you are reading this!), Jodie, and all faithful 'bloggers'.

Love to all, see you soon.


Anonymous said...


How did the photo-shoot go?