Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Buddy Wasisname concert a great success!

Anna and I just returned from last weekend's Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers concert in Peterborough. They played two nights at the Market Square, but we only made it for Saturday. It was a great show and I hope you will get to see them sometime. There were people who came all the way from Ohio (and Temagami) to see the show, so that must say something about their qualities as entertainers. My Mom and Dad were there, as well as sister Lisa and her hubby Yves, Jodie and Jim, Jodie's mom, Jim's sister....

This photo wasn't from the Peterborough concert. I've got one on my camera, give me a day to download it here.

Proceeds from the concert are going to Jodie and Lisa's Ride to Conquer Cancer. I've just sent out an email to what seems like a million people, asking them to make a donation (if they haven't already done so). Nothing to stop you from making a 2nd donation! I've made two! Jodie and Lisa have now surpassed their target of $5700, but that's no reason to stop, so take a minute to make a donation. The link is to the right of this post.


PS Yesterday's workout was As Many Rounds in 20-Minutes of 10x65# thruster and 10 pullups. I did 9 rounds plus one extra thruster for good measure. I thought I might die for lack of oxygen after that, but instead just gasped on the ground for a good 10 minutes!

And today's workout was Elizabeth (21-15-9 reps of 100# clean and ring dips). Time: 15:50
This was done with the names Diane and Mike written on my hand. People are sending me names of loved ones to dedicate my workouts to. Both Diane and Mike are battling cancer.


Anonymous said...

Bobby & Anna - how great is this! I have recently become blogosmatic myself - so appreciate what you are doing, how you are linking things, and will make a donation.

It's amazing what that circle of strength can do. But ultimately it is you. And luck. And magic.

So I'm slightly drunk, waiting on my books to arrive, heading to Costa Rica next week, will return at the end of July. I'm gonna shamelessly plug - watch out -http://walkingwithwolf.wordpress.com
but we have the cancer-fighting agent in common so I don't feel like I'm totally overstepping. Positive vibes baby.

Abrazos grandes, suerte profundo, y amistad eternal, KKKKKKK

Anonymous said...

Next time you are down we are doing a workout together... no excuses. It was awesome to see you... even though it was brief! You look amazing. Anna looks beautiful. Can't wait to see you in Niagara on my birthday...
Love to you both!!

Anonymous said...

Actually I'm only 91% of the way to my goal of $2500 for the Ride! Please send money!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there:

Everything going along well with me here. I am in St. Albert and off to Whitecourt later today. Thinking about you . . . hope all is well.

Love, Mom