Monday, May 5, 2008

Is anyone still out there?

Isn't this a pretty watercolour? From Diamond Lake. It's from Clive Powsey at

Or have you all left considering I've been so neglectful recently? We'll see how many of you have this in an RSS feed...

Over four weeks since my last chemo. I think my body is having a sympathetic reaction - I'm somewhat grumpy, I can't sleep so well, just like when I was on prednisone! Perhaps now my body realizes though that that phase is over. I hope so.

I just returned from my first run in a looooong time. I think my last run was a 5 km jaunt just before chemo #1. I ran it in about 20 minutes. Today I ran about 6 km in over 36 minutes. I felt like I was running through drying glue, my legs were so upset with me. I've recently abandoned the "lift heavy things" fitness philosophy in favour of returning to CrossFit. Calendar shoot is in 3-4 weeks, so I need to look my best. I've also stopped gorging myself and have returned to eating clean - paleo (i.e. caveman food), intermittent fasting (eat lots in a 10 am - 6 pm window of time, and not at all outside of that. I'd gained over 10 lbs. in 2 months while eating everything but the kitchen sink. Lots of muscle, and some fat too. Now is time to 'cut' the fat and show off that (mostly hairless) body.

Rob, if you liked my Giant story, you must really have got a chuckle out of this post!

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Robb said...

Hi Bob, no chuckle.
I have been at the Fire Fighters Memorial a number of times at the October ceremony. The Premier attends and it is a very somber tribute.
Guy was diagnosed with kidney cancer in October 1996 and April 15, 1997 (his 50th birthday)he passed away.
Woody was good to him during his illness.
I truly believe Guy's passing is the single greatest tragedy to befall our fire department in it's 115 year history.
You are a powerful force and your courageous inspirational battle gives strength to all your Brother and Sister fire fighters.
Enjoy your vacation and we will see you back at work after that.