Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Almost at NO CHEMO day!!

Bob's computer is still in the shop. We are not sure where it stands... It may not be good news...
I am SO thankful that these words are about a computer and not my beloved sweetie!!! Bob is doing pretty well in the recovery week of the chemo cycle. I was away this weekend so we haven't seen much of each other since Wed.
We are both excited that this Thursday there is no trip to New Liskeard hospital. Bob will instead be getting up early and going to his last day of 4 day shifts... I will hopefully be sleeping in!
I am very curious to see what Bobs body does with not being poisoned this week!
It is so good to be done that cycle. I am so thankful that these drugs exist and can do the wonderful things they do and that Bob is DONE CHEMO!! Now the 5 year wait begins....


Anonymous said...

Happy non chemo day!! you are awesome!
Love jodie

Angela from the Center said...

Hi Bob and Anna,

searched around and found the address of your blog. So glad to hear you are moving out of this season into a better one.

You two had been on my mind several days this week. Much love, Angela