Monday, December 17, 2007

Anna and I are off to Peterborough for Christmas with my family. I'm off to work pronto, so I'll be brief. I had some posting problems, which is why the photo below is in a separate post from this text.

HAPPY SOLSTICE & MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone out there in blogland!

The photos is from a recent day of snowshoeing. It was taken before Anna fell through the ice, up to her thighs, in a bog! Don't worry, she survived!

I'm feeling great. I'm working out regularly (100 lb. weighted pullup yesterday, a record!). Today I'm doing Angie (100 pullups, 100 pushups, 100 situps, 100 squats). Ouch! I think chemo for me entails 6 days of feeling like crap and 15 days of feeling more or less normal. Entirely bearable, especially considering the alternative!

Gotta run!


Anonymous said...

Hi there:

Drive carefully. See you tomorrow.

Love, Mom

Jamey said...

Hi guys, we are staying out in Nova Scotia for Christmas this year so unfortunately we won't be running into each other in the Peterpatch. We will be around southern Ontario (Guelph and Ptbo) at the end of January if you happen to be down that way again. Miss you both and think of you often. Jamey & Roxanne