Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Quick update

Anna and I just got home from dinner with Kim and Phil. I used to work with Kim on the ambulance. Kim made a wonderful dinner for us. It was particularly nice to come home from a long day of chemo and not have to make dinner. Thanks!

Chemo started this morning with blood tests, which were all good. Lynn says that my platelets are better than most people walking around on the street. She started the line around 10, and I was in the chair until about 4. I feel like I've just stepped off a 36 hour plane ride. Tired, woozy, not sure on my feet, confused. But I'm ok. Anna's giving me some reiki right now, and urging me to bed. I've booked sick for work tomorrow, so I'll write more then.

(One of our favourite sayings: It's not a good day to be a cancer cell in my body!)

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Anonymous said...

Bob & Anna: I like your saying about not being a good day for a cancer cell. I hope they heed your advice to them. That's 2 treatments down now. Keep up with the great attitude and keep those platelets healthy. Renewed energy will come with a good night's sleep.

Love you lots, Mom