Sunday, December 2, 2007

Busy week coming up

Anna and I just drove down to Toronto. It was a nasty drive. There was snow last night in Temagami and North Bay, though it had stopped by the time we left the Bay. The roads were mostly clear to Huntsville, but that's where the freezing rain started. We drove through icy conditions to Barrie, where it changed to a mixture of rain and freezing rain. But we took our time and made it here in one piece. Tomorrow Anna has a fertility appointment, and we'll do a few other things--take some of our Northern Health Travel Grants to the Mount Sinai Clinic to get filled out, maybe get some bloodwork done at Mount Sinai. We'll head north again tomorrow, but the Weather Network is calling for more bad weather on the way up. Tuesday I have an appointment with Aline, then Wednesday is, of course, Chemo #2. Thursday morning I wake up early and decide whether I'm going to work or not.

Tonight I just want to sit on the couch and relax.


mulderj said...

Hey you guys. Glad to hear you made it through Chemo #1 without anyhting much to complain about... hopefully they will all be as good! I wish I had known you were coming to toronto I would have come up to meet up with you guys. I will try to call you tuesday night to see how you are feeling! Love to you both! Keep well. Thinking of you often.
I will get that package of envelopes up to you before the end of the week with donation papers and such. Sorry I have been so long getting it to you!

Anonymous said...

Hey there: After your visit with Aline today, you will have renewed energy and ready for tomorrow's challenge. By this time tomorrow, your goal will be 25% complete. Take my thoughts with you as you ready yourself for your next treatment. Love, Mom