Saturday, December 29, 2007

Bacon Wrapped Scallops and Chicken Soup

That is what we had for breakfast today.
Chicken Soup for me - Well, today is day 2 of my being sick in bed. I have a bad cold and I am trying very hard to get better and not give it to Bob! I have been fighting something for a while now and finally succumbed unwillingly a few days ago. We are using sick protocols - I am sleeping on the sofabed, I disinfect my hands every time I get out of bed before I touch anything, I wash my hands several times while I am up and run back to bed to sneeze or cough. I am drinking lots of ginger, mint, lemon tea, staying in bed, resting, neo citran, vitamin C, smiling and laughing with Bob (from a distance!), running the air purifier full blast, and eating home made chicken soup I made yesterday.

Bacon Wrapped Scallops for Bob - Bob picked up a package while shopping during his first chemo round I think. They really appealed to him - weird since he doesn't eat bacon... They told us that his tastes would change and to be ready for not wanting to eat things he normally likes. Our chemo nurse Donna's favourite example is "don't be surprised if you think your wife put tinfoil in your grill cheese sandwich!". Ha ha. We haven't had grilled cheese in over a year! I used to make a great one with sauted onions and peppers... ah well. So Bob says tuna DOES NOT appeal to him post chemo, which is usually a staple for him, and he was so excited about bacon wrapped scallops this morning!!

Here is a picture of him in his new touque, knitted by me for Christmas, and his bacon wrapped scallop. Today I will get better and we will disinfect the house again!


Anonymous said...

That is something I thought I would never see.... good on ya though!! Who says only oatmeal is the thing for breakfast... haha.. at least you had the bacon right!
Anna, no more feeling like being beaten by bats... I know you will feel better soon. Take some rescue remedy relax in a nice warm bath and get some well needed sleep!
Love the hat.... you have some great talents there!
Thanks for the post about the race! I can't wait to see you at the finish line when I am done! You guys are my inspiration for this. I want this cancer gone forever!!!
Love to you both! Thanks for the call yesterday. Talk to you on New Years Eve!

Anonymous said...

The dictionary defines "regimen" as "a regulated course of diet,exercise, etc for restoring strength and health, or for keeping the body fit."
When I see the regimen you and Anna have been following to beat this thing,if I were a cancer cell or cold virus...I would be nervous !
Great looking toque, has certainly evolved from its beginnings when I saw you working on it during your Christmas visit to our house.
Lookin' gooood, Bob

Anonymous said...

I agree with Bob's Dad! The stinkers don't stand a chance.
Sarah L.

hebe said...

you are too cute!! nice hat Anna!!