Thursday, December 27, 2007

That was easy

Hah! Easy to say!

Yes, we're home now. The roads home were wet and sloppy. Anna's about to feed me leftover Christmas dinner. Regardless, the day went smoothly. I was quite tired from the get-go, and napped much more than the previous two engagements. Di was there to see us off, then Anna took her to the train station for the ride to Toronto. Good move, considering the roads. There was a nice retired gentleman there, Randall, who has indolent lymphoma. Lynn said it was the first time in 10 years that she'd had two people doing the same rCHOP at the same time.

Dinner's ready. I'll write more tomorrow, after I've shoveled the walkway.

(By the way, Di gave me one of those Staples Easy Buttons as a stocking stuffer. It makes for great fun in the chemo room. It's a big, plastic button. When you push it, it says, "That was easy!" I pushed it a lot today.


Anonymous said...

I bet you had the nurses laughing tons today with your buttons!! What a great invention!! You just can't purchase them for my kids k...haha!
Glad you are home and resting, we were driving home from Owen Sound in that weather today too not so much fun!
I will try to call you tomorrow! Rest easy, sleep lots and I will chat with you soon! Thinking of you lots and lots!
Love Jodie

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob: You sure do give your mother reason to worry. I didn't like to read about the infected blister you spoke of yesterday. What's happening with it? Glad to know everything went well and you are home safely. Enjoy dinner and I hope you have a good, restful evening.

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It worked!! That last posting by anonymous was me. Hi, Anna and Bob, it is Sarah Laughton writing. It is not the first time I have tried to post a comment. Your 'if you are having trouble posting a comment' bar on the side of the website was very helpful. Hello, and happy Christmas to you both. I've been an avid reader of your website, following your boggy snowshoeing trips, your Christmas plans, your rather wonderful-sounding meals, your exercise routines, and the chemo progress (congrats Bob on being a third, or maybe even half, finished). Keep taking good care of yourselves and of each other. Love and hugs, Sarah.

Anna said...

Hey Sarah!
YAY! Glad it worked and good to hear from you. Thanks for keeping up with us on the blog! I hope things are well with you!