Tuesday, January 22, 2008

15 km ski this afternoon

And boy am I tired. I hope you enjoy these photos. My back bacon-scallop-veggie stir fry is digesting, and I'm off to a warm bath. Off to work early tomorrow too.

Snowsquall on Rabbit Lake.

Nikita between the islands on Reuben Lake.

Cliffs on Reuben Lake.

Reuben-Paul Lake portage (left), Goulard Lumber road (right)

Long shadows on Paul Lake.

Cliffs on Paul Lake.

First tracks on Paul Lake.

Icefall on Paul Lake.

And sunset on Reuben. (No photos from the 2 hour ski back to the car in the dark!)

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1000yds said...

Hi Bob. I started crossfitting a couple months ago and just watched the interview with you that's posted on the site. I love your attitude and will be praying for you.