Sunday, January 20, 2008

Off to the cheese factory

Smudge and I catching some rays. Can you believe, -25 C outside!

Four days post-chemo now. I'm still not feeling too hot. Usually get a little nauseated in the evenings. And fatigued midday. It's hard to explain, though. The nausea isn't similar to nausea I've felt before (think, "beer after liquor, never sicker"--Or is that the other way around? It's been awhile since I've had a bender. Actually, my last bender was Oct. 19, the day I found out I have cancer.) But the nausea of my chemotherapy is similar to hunger and indigestion and gut cramps all rolled into one. I never feel like I'm about to vomit though. And as for the fatigue. It's not like the fatigue of exhaustion, or of lack of sleep, or of simply being overwhelmed. But it's perhaps again a mixture of all of those. For the nausea I take my anti-nauseants, usually just one a day. For the fatigue, I sleep 9+ hours a night, and I keep active during the day. One of the books I read awhile back said that chemo patients who exercise regularly experience less fatigue than those who lay in bed all day. Regardless, I'd die of boredom lying in bed all day. Oh, and I've got the beginnings of the black hairy tongue again. Charming. Good oral hygiene helps, but I currently brush and mouthwash 3x a day and floss in the evenings, so I don't know what I could do better.

I did some figuring yesterday regarding my workouts, and posted my thoughts on the CrossFit discussion board. Click here to see what I wrote, as well as the wonderful comments that followed. Truly, those people keep me moving.

Anna and I are headed out for dinner tonight with friends of her's. She's got IBD, so has been great to deal with re. my food sensitivities.

This was dinner two nights ago. Bacon-wrapped venison lapjes and broccoli tomato stew with toasted pine nuts on top.


Anonymous said...


I think I missed an earlier posting explaining what black hairy tongue is (though the name I guess is pretty self-explanatory). Unlike B.H.T., your dinner sounds fabulous!
It was warm here this weekend - 15 degrees, and sunny, for walks on the beach. -25 sounds pretty beautiful too, actually - I am longing for a bit of real winter (though wasn't complaining this weekend).
Hugs from Rome,

Anonymous said...

"Doc Mom" says:

Re your BHT - rinse with a solution of 1 part peroxide to 5 parts water. Follow with a water rinse. Possible cause - too much bacteria in your system.

What are lapjes? They look interesting and delicious.

Mighty chilly here, too; and some wind to go with it.

Love, Mom