Sunday, January 6, 2008


There! I did it! I'm on Facebook!

But I will not, repeat, will not spend too much time editing my profile and poking friends (whatever that is) and downloading stupid applications and sending 'friends' the gift of the day for $1. NFB will remain my vehicle for updating everyone on my cancer, my therapies, my life as it is now. The thing that drew me in is my sister Lisa's decision to do the Ride to Conquer Cancer along with Jodie. Lisa figures Facebook will be key in her fundraising. So now I'll be helping them both far exceed the $2500 fundraising minimum.

All that said, I'm looking for 'friends'.

Anna and I went out skiing yesterday, along with about 10 friends (real flesh-and-blood friends), to celebrate her birthday. The trails were lovely, I love wide groomed trails. Chris (Marie's hubby) and I went on the 'Super Blue' trail for advanced skiiers. Anna said she liked seeing the chemo patient and the cancer survivor heading off on the black diamond run. (Chris had a very nasty bout with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in, I believe, 2001. He has now passed his 5-year cancer-free date.) After skiing we all went to dinner at the Green Tomato in New Liskeard. My choices on the menu were severely restricted, but that doesn't mean I didn't completely enjoy what I did have: chardonnay, house salad, bison steak with veggies and fries, homemade blueberry sherbert, and coffee.

Rainy day today, so I'm staying put. Think I'll book back on and head to work tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Bob & Anna!

Bob, I'll be your Facebook friend if you like. Except that I just joined a while ago and don't know how to work it, so you'll probably have to invite me. I also ignore all 'pokes', invitations to become a zombie, and postings on my 'funwall', whatever any of that means.

Anna, a very happy birthday to you! Your skiing trip sounds fabulous.


Anonymous said...

Bob welcome to the world of facebook! It is really fun! Enjoy! I just added you... accept me and we can go from there.
Still trying to see if you guys are on skype. How are you making out with that?

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob and Anna! I have been following your progress with much interest and love, and decided it was time to send a "Happy New Year" message, and a wish for everything wonderful in 2008.

I'm trying to make my donation to Lisa online, but am having a little problem getting past her first page, so I've contacted the Race people and will get it straightened out. My prayers are with you all.

Much love from "The Other Jean" (your mom's cousin)