Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Chemo #4 tomorrow

Ahhh, that blissful last day before chemo. I'm feeling my strongest. This round I've not had misgivings or anxiety these last few days. Still feel great. Still setting personal records in my crossfitting:

Yesterday's workout was Diane:
21 205 lb. deadlift
21 handstand pushups
15 deadlifts
15 handstand pushups
9 deadlifts
9 handstand pushups
6:30 seconds, beating the old time by over 30 seconds.

How do I motivate myself through this self-inflicted torture? I tell myself that A) it's good for me, and B) it's only about 7 minutes. Just like how cancer treatments are 'only' 6 or 7 months.

Heading to work tonight. I'm making dinner for my crew, so I picked something yummy out of my low carb and/or gluten-free cookbooks. Dinner will be ginger-curry chicken (on rice for my high-carb colleagues) and desert will be an apple compote. While dinner is simmering, I'll do my last workout before chemo tomorrow. This one's named Elizabeth. She's the same 21-15-9 pattern, but with 105 lb. squat cleans and ring dips.

One of my firefighting buddies, Gord and his wife Tammy will be coming here sometime this weekend. Gord's being a tremendous help with the sauna project. He's coming up to see the site, do some figuring. I'm hoping that I'll be up for a ski with the two of them (and Anna). After last week's mid-winter melt the conditions are wonderful again.


Anonymous said...

Hi there:

Dinner sure sounds yummy. I'll have to read those new cookbooks you have when I see you in February.

Good luck tomorrow. You will be able to post another "DONE" on your list of appointments. That will feel good.

Lotsa love to you and Anna,


Anonymous said...

Good luck today.
I love you so much, be strong!
Your niece,

Anonymous said...

Good luck Bob!! I know you will be awesome!! You have done so well! You are an inspiration!