Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ugh, I hab a code

Yes, it seems that despite a week of our best efforts to keep Anna's cold at bay, I have caught it. I am coming into my middle week, after all, my immunosuppressed week. First got the scratchy throat yesterday morning, and started taking vitamin C and zinc like they're going out of style. Went to work last night, still hopeful that I might shake this. But it wasn't to be. I got to work and did my workout:

Double-under Helen, 3 rounds for time of:
40 double unders (skipping with the rope passing underfoot twice per jump)
21 dumbbell swings (35 lbs.)
12 pullups
Time: 9:32

Then I ate a good dinner, salmon, bacon-wrapped scallops and green beans. I was the 5th man again, so when a call came in at 2 am, I didn't go. I stayed behind on the airport crash truck. But it was a big call, so I didn't get much rest. There was radio chatter all night. I didn't like being left at the hall, having to listen to my buddies fighting a fire. But I knew I was getting sicker, and being there wouldn't do me or them much good. Anyway, I drove home at the end of my shift, crawled into bed and slept all day. Woke up at 3 pm and booked sick. Now off to the couch.


Jane said...

HI! Sorry I haven't been around -- am just catching up on your news. For the cold, have you tried COLD FX? (I know even a doctor who recommends it -- it's supposed to help boost the immune system.)

And the dietary constraints!! I had enough trouble learning to avoid gluten! My Bible for the first few months was the Canadian Celiac Association Pocket Dictionary (because gluten is hidden in so many places, and under such weird names). If you don't have one, I could order it for you.
I also have some other good GF cookbooks and can recommend certain ready-made breads if you like. You probably don't have much available locally; but I think some companies even ship GF foods to you. (If you want a tax deduction, keep receipts for any GF foods.)
Wish we were closer! Thinking of you both,

Anonymous said...


Recently heard of your battle via facebook. Know my love, best wishes and support are with you.

Tracey Paris