Sunday, January 27, 2008

Thinking of others

Yesterday I met (online) a gentleman asking for help for his mother and aunt, both currently in a battle with cancer. He also lost his father-in-law to cancer last year. This guy is a Crossfitter, like myself. We stick together, kinda like firefighters. So I told him that I would write three names on my hand during today's workout, those of his family, Edith, Lillian, and Dennis. And so, I dedicated today's workout, an 8 km cross country ski, to them.

I also found out something new about a friend of ours, who has indolent lymphoma. (I won't post his name, to protect his privacy.) Anyway, he is going in for some tests tomorrow, which he is rather worried about. I guess I'll be writing his name on my hand for Tuesday's workout. Tomorrow I rest.

Awhile back, someone (a stranger) wrote my name on his hand and dedicated a workout to me. The way that Crossfitters do workouts, I know that he would have given it his all. I like that support, and am only too happy to pass it on. Just a little illustration of how one small good deed goes out into the world and multiplies.


Gio said...

Hi Robb, first time posting here on your blog and frequent visitor. It has been mentioned by a friend of mine that there is no other support system around like that of brotherhood outside of MIL/LEO/FF's that stick together.
Upon reading what you just posted I must agree and point out that in the CrossFit community in large, we are selfless, giving and want nothing in return other than giving it all every single time out.

Robb, I have prayed for many people and pray for you also to keep fighting. Now, I will be dedicating workouts also for you and all that are in my prayers so that I get a leg up for you guys. Anything and everything helps.

Wishing nothing but God Speed and endurance.


Poocinty said...

Bob, I am so enjoying readng your blog. I actually don't have any idea how I ended up here but I'm so thankful that I did. I'm Patricia from Nashville, TN USA, recently diagnosed (in November) with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. Suffering right along with you there, Bob, and yet managing quite nicely myself! I love your strength and your seeming abundance of optimisim at such a tough time in your life. You appear to be a young guy (semen deposits early on) yet wise too. I'm 50 and sometimes feel like I'm floundering in spite of many years of working with therapists in various modalities (I myself worked at a drug rehab center - plenty of wonderful therapy going on there, lemme tell you) plus my own personal journey has given me something to fall back on, not to mention God and friends, friends, friends - much like you and Anna (love your wedding picture). Anyway, I'm rambling but I wanted to let you know I am grateful for your blog ... and your energy ... and your optimisim. Keep it up - and many, many blessigs in your recovery. Patricia