Monday, February 11, 2008

Be kind. Everyone you see is fighting a great battle

I just wanted to put down something in writing to say thank you to all those who comment here. If everyone is in a great battle (as Philo of Alexandria said, and "Anonymous" reminded me) then all these people are brothers and sisters in arms.

Let me start with Patricia from Nashville, whose comment got me thinking about all those who have left their kind words here on NFB. Patricia, we're in this together. Next workout, your name's written on my hand. Stay in touch.

Mom & Dad, Jodie, Sarah, Jane, Lisa & Yves, Lisa.... I know you're the ones out there reading this nearly every day (or sometimes many times a day!). Thank you so much. It means the world to me. Jodie, Sarah, and Lisa B., you three would love each other. And Jane, I got the GF booklet, thanks!

Beth: Sorry, but you can't actually pre-order a calendar. Of course I'll put the info up here as soon as it's available, probably late in the year.

To all the CFers out there: Gio, Adam and Caity, C_Mel, Charles, Wilson, Rocco, Matt, Mike L., Paul, StrengthDoc, Adam K., 1000yds, U'i. I know my name has been written on your hands, sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively, and I take strength from that. You all have much to give and I give thanks in return.

Morgan and Salima: truer healing words are rarely spoken.

Hebe, Pam, Teri, David & Priya, Chris & Marie, Larry & Roula, Peter & Leslie, Ed, Sara, Rob L., Kim, Marianne, Tracey, Wanda, Jen M., Maria, "The Other Jean", Bronwen, Pete/Lree/Ben, Jamey, Nico, Jason, Robb, Dave. Thank you all. Roberta, thank you for Churchill's immortal, inspirational words. Here they are again, in case anyone missed them.

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