Sunday, February 10, 2008

Temagami and Home Again (a post from Bob's Mom)

As all you blog followers know, Anna has been in Toronto for a little over a week - the stay being extended in part because of the major snow storms that city has received in the last while. Joe and I travelled to Temagami last Wednesday and got Bob safely to New Liskeard and back on Thursday when he received his 5th chemo treatment. It was a long day starting at 6 am and ending about 9:30 pm. I can't remember when I last went to bed at 9:30 but this day was all about helping Bob conquer the cancer demon so he made the early bedtime call. We were back in Temagami about 5:00 and the aroma of supper was evident as we opened the door. Bob, being the ever-inventive cook, had elected to put a chicken into the slow cooker along with some proscuitto, lots of onion and some white wine before we left. Now, we only had to do some rice and a veggie and supper was on the table. Even though he was feeling the effects of too many drugs in his system, he was still able to eat a very good supper and wasn't bothered with any nausea. Even by this morning, he had not had to take any of the anti-nauseants although he always has them at the ready.

Friday was a quiet day; went for a walk to the bank and the post office and Bob did go for a short ski on the Jesse Lake trails. Nikita went along, too. I'm sure she was very pleased to be taken for a long walk as she had not been anywhere the day before. Anna arrived home that evening and was so happy to be there. This was the first treatment Bob received that she had missed and she wasn't feeling too good about that happening. However, we had convinced her that it was better to stay in Toronto an extra day and wait out this storm. With Anna back in Temagami, Joe and I prepared to come home on Saturday morning.

After packing and breakfast at the Busy Bee restaurant, we set out fully expecting to run into the next storm coming through as we had checked out the Weather Network. Various accumulations of new snow was forecast for locales between Temagami and Peterborough. We did experience wet snow and lots of slop and slush from oncoming vehicles but, all in all, the drive was uneventful and we arrived home to a driveway with a good 12" of snow in it and the only tracks in the snow were those of our 17 resident wild turkeys. As I write this, we are not completely dug out. I cleared the decks and one is covered again with snow that has slid off the roof. Joe still has a lot of driveway clearing to do with the snow blower. The car did not get into the garage tonight. This will still be there in the morning and we will tackle it with renewed energy.

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