Monday, February 4, 2008

Humble Pie

Ok, ok, so New England tanked. Personally, I blame myself for their loss. Guaranteed, if I had backed the 'underdog' New York Giants, the Pats would've won. It seems I always end up on the losing side. Except for what really counts, the Super Bowl of Cancer.

On the positive side, fundraising efforts amongst the North Bay Firefighters are going well. I won't release any dollar amounts at this time, but I will say that we're on track to surpass the $800 we hoped to raise from them. That will go a long way toward the goal of $5700 that Lisa and Jodie have set for themselves. Jodie is a fundraising machine, with numerous events planned in the Peterborough area. She's passed the $1700 mark, and that's before any of the fundraising events! Lisa has not let her late start hold her back, with almost $1000 in the pot. Thanks to everyone that's made a donation so far! I do truly hope that some of you blog readers, whether you live in North Bay or St. Catherines or further afield, will make it to the Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers concert on May 9 & 10 in Peterborough. Tickets are going fast, and are available through Jodie. Contact her through her webpage. She is a personal trainer and runs a business called Your Body You in Lakefield.

There's also some media interest in North Bay. Everyone loves a story about, "a firefighter who's in a courageous battle for his life," even if that's a little cliched. I hope to use any story to further the fundraising and get a little good press for the firefighters.

I've not been posting my workouts here as often as I should've. I'm doing a 'workout lite' week, to recover from last week's sore back. Today was backsquat 3-3-3-3-3 (95 lbs/115/135/155/165). That's 2/3 of my max. effort backsquat of 245 lbs.

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