Saturday, February 2, 2008

You can leave your hat on

Not much to report today. I'm working nights. Anna's in Toronto this week. I've been hard at work lately on local environmental issues, preparing comments for the upcoming Forestry Plan. Trying to rest my back after wrenching it two days ago. Probably take the dog for a walk soon, and do some light stretching. Maybe a light workout when I get to work tonight.

Oh, I know what I can mention.... Some guys at work are planning a North Bay Fire Department 2009 Calendar. They want me in it. So I'll try out that little 'poll' option that Blogger gives me. Let me know, do you think I should be in the Firefighter's Calendar? Answer in the poll to the right. (It's all for a good cause, to support a new Children's Treatment Centre.)

(Cue "The Full Monty" soundtrack.)

PS Go Pats!


Anonymous said...

I would like to vote in more than one category:
Yes! for sure.
And, can I preorder with a credit card?

Hebe said...

ditto! xxx