Friday, February 15, 2008

No title today

It's been a good few days, since I got off the prednisone. Seems that as my treatments progress, the side effects increase. One of my toenails is even turning black, which is a side effect of doxorubicin. (I can't even type that word without shuddering. But the Red Devil is my ally. A ruthless mercenary, who would kill me as soon as kill my cancer, but my ally nonetheless.) I'm trying to focus on the two healthy weeks ahead, rather than the three treatments still to come. Keeping eye on ball....

I've not been following my healthy-living ideals in the last week. In the days right after chemo I skiied every afternoon. Since going off prednisone I've been a blob at home, a busy blob, up to my eyeballs as a desk-jockey ecowarrior. No daily workouts. And I've not been eating like a caveman--too many carbs, not enough balance. I'm going back to work tomorrow evening, and that will give me a chance to reenter a healthier routine. I'll do some kind of workout and I'll eat well. Somehow it's quite easy for me to stay on-track at work.

Hebe, your care package arrived, thank you so much. The tea had exploded, but everything else was intact. I find I cannot appreciate the poems without reading them aloud, so I stand in sockfeet, by my stove, late at night, with only one light on in the house, and read. I've copied one poem into the sidebar, and I encourage everyone to read it aloud. Read it to yourself, or to a friend. Read it in the sunlight or by flashlight. Read it naked or clothed, I don't care, just read it aloud.

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Anonymous said...

Bob, keep that eye on that ball and stick to paleo quality foods and CF quality WODs, even if they're scaled. I'm still trying to catch you on Cindy, you stud.