Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sunlight and naps

This is our cat Smudge lying in a patch of warm sun in front of the bedroom door. I like to think that she is guarding Bob's sleep. He has just come home from 4 nights of working and went to bed at 9am. I am working, so we put the housecoat under the door to block the sounds.

Bob hasn't posted in a few days so I thought I would. Things have been good. Though this is the cycle that Bob's white cells were lowest, he is still doing well. A few days ago he came home and I was still snoozing. He said he wasn't going to nap, but lay down and as we were talking, he was fading. I suggested he needed his sleep. He got up 4 hours later.

Today he has a massage treatment with Aline which he is very much looking forward to. The debate this morning was to go for a sauna before or after. I suggested that either was good and that his body could decide based on when he got up. He's not up yet, so it looks like after!

I missed my appointment with Aline a few weeks ago due to freezing rain - nooooo!!!! (I REALLY wanted to go). Fortunately she had a cancellation yesterday and I was able to take it! Ahhhhh....

Dave called today and is on a run across the country. He'll be stopping by - it looks like we'll have dinner with him in New Liskeard. We will be exchanging Christmas presents - we didn't get a chance to see them sooner as Dave's last run up this way didn't happen.

It has been beautiful weather here and we have another sunny sunny day with blue sky and cold crisp temperatures! I don't think there will be any skiing or a workout for Bob today, just massage and sauna and hopefully dinner with Dave!
Here is another shot of Smudge hanging out with Bob after this last round of chemo.

Thank you all for all of your support. It means SO much to us!

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