Sunday, April 13, 2008

355 lbs.

That's one Suzuki Freewind

Or 24-hours of ice from an Ice-o-matic 0320

Or one near record-breaking tuna from Vista, California.

Or 355 lbs. is how much iron I lifted from the floor to my waist (five times) earlier today. That's a new record for me. Sorry for tooting my own horn.

Instead, why not read this article about how much mail two pilots flew 430 miles in 1919. (Hint: 355 lbs.)

Cancer schmancer.

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Anonymous said...

I am astounded by this number. And what is that in kilos? Hmm, I thought y'all went metric.
Bless you for the blog which has helped me feel connected, has made me laugh, cry, be continually awed by the strength, grace and bravery you both exhibit. And thank you for sharing the bumpy bits in the road too.
love, Beth