Monday, April 7, 2008

New strengths

I'm in the middle of a string of nights at the 'ol NBFD right now. We've been unusually busy, with training and calls (particularly those nasty 2 am calls, followed by 3 am calls...). But I'm holding up well. I'm tired, of course, and I'm cognizant that I must take time in the day to rest, but I'll be at work again tonight.

My workouts are going well. Yesterday I did backsquats, benchpresses, and deadlifts, 3 rounds of 5 lifts (1x5 for the DL). My BS was 225#, close to my 1 rep. maximum. BP was 135, 10# higher than my previous 1 RM, and DL was 345, tied with my previous 1 RM. All that is a weightlifter's way of saying that I now lift for 15 repetitions (5 for the DL) what previously I could only lift once. In other words, I'm stronger. Much. And my weight is only up a few pounds. Some of that increase might be due to improved technique, of course.

I keep track of all my appointments with a computerized calendar which synchronizes with my cell phone. I ditched the paper daybook last year. Anyway, one of the categories in my calendar, the category I use for all my medical appointments, is called BEATING CANCER. Yes, in capital letters. 'Cause that's what I'm up to. New strength.

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