Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Another short post

Nine o'clock and time for bed. Was up at 4:30 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep, so I just got up and left for work. I had a good day at work, perhaps a little more tired than usual. I rarely sit down during the day, always moving somewhere doing something, but I spent a few good spells in the recliners. I'll be at work again tomorrow, but will be off Friday for an appointment.

Did the workout 'Helen' at lunch. I wasn't going for gold, just going through the motions. Helen is 3 rounds for time of a 400 m run (4 times around Station 3!), 21x30 lb. dumbbell swings, and 12 pullups. My time was 11:02. That actually beat my old record by a few seconds, but the old record was set in a different location, so perhaps my 400 m measurements are off. Nonetheless, I was somewhat surprised and certainly pleased. I had considered skipping the workout, I felt so tired, but I though, "no, just go don one." The workout revived my spirits, and I was able to keep the tiredness at bay until late in the afternoon.

Thanks to Charles for the suggestion on the China Study. I'll look it up, sometime after I get through the mountain of cancer books I'm innundated with right now. I'm starting to think that I should give the research a rest and start reading either fluff or philosophy. I was on a global warming book phase just prior to diagnosis, maybe I'll get back into that.

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Chris M said...

Hey-Hey Curly!

Nice work with Helen man!
Paid her a visit today myself - subbed in some 500 rows for the runs - damned near gave ME the runs!

I finally now have a chance to read you Blog properly without the IT police blocking and logging everything. I can even see the pics you've been referring to - nice Tem slide show and - love the hair Bros!

I guess winter is finally settling in - 'bout time I guess. Still, I'm dreaming of black-flies and sweaty portages. Wearing my 16 foot hat, looking for trails getting lost to only find what I wasn't looking for...

...weightless and drifting on a gossamer line,
borne on the airs of creation -sublime.
Sky within water - mirrored perfection!
Lost within form, perhaps reflection...
Aloft amidst clouds, my vessel and I
Slip into heaven, cast wake upon sky...

Gonna surf you out some more before I gotta run and put the ladies to bed. You are indeed an inspiration - just needed to say that again I guess.

Talk to soon Man - keep swinging!