Monday, November 5, 2007

Third deposit at the bank

Anna and I are in Toronto today. I have a third appointment this morning at the Mount Sinai reproductive centre's sperm bank. They want as much from me as they can get, which might mean a fourth trip there about a week after the gallium scan is done (as long as I haven't started chemo by then). I guess you don't want spermies too soon after having radioactive gallium floating around in your body. We'll have lunch today with Anna's mom, Di, as well as Dan, a teacher at Di's school who has a non-agressive form of NHL.

We drove down last night, both grumpy the whole way. First I was grumpy about stupid things, then Anna was. It seesawed like that for four hours. I'd like to blame my grumpiness on cancer, but I get like that sometimes regardless. Sorry, Anna, that I take it out on you. You don't deserve that. You're the most wonderful woman and I'm incredibly fortunate to be sharing this life with you.

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Jodie said...

Bob and Anna... this is one of the hardest years you will ever encounter. If you are grumpy with one another every once in a while I still say you guys are saints! Jim and I haven't gone through half what you have lately and we are far more grumpy with one another on a daily basis than you could ever be... and we aren't ever going to be apart. I alway say those couples that never bicker have a whole pile of pent up energy that needs to be dealt with.
At the end of the day when you say those very important words to one another first say "I am sorry" then say "I love you" all will be well!