Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanks Caryn!

A short post tonight. It took me two flippin' hours to get home from work. I was stopped for about 50 minutes by construction south of Marten River. The day at work was pretty good, I had adequate energy levels, though it did drop off a bit as the day wore on. Myself and Tim (one of the union executive) met with our long term disability insurance broker to discuss options should this progress to that. It was a very good meeting, the broker and the insurer should be very accommodating.

When I got home I found that a food-fairy had been into our fridge. Caryn Colman, local gourmand and proprietor of Smoothwater Outfitters, dropped off three dishes--heritage carrots drizzled in birch syrup, local cheddar and onion pie, and chicken aspic. She definitely does the "neighbours-helping-neighbours" thing in style!


Anonymous said...

Rob O,

Just a friendly yell from one of your CF bros. Keep up the good fight and keep posting. Nice work with the C&Js.



Jodie said...

You guys keep hold of all these positive people around you. Put a positive circle around you and focus on it for you and for always. Keep up the great fight. Take some time out, relax and find your world of peace!
Love to you both. You are both an inspiration for me!