Thursday, November 1, 2007

Mom's thoughts

I asked my Mom to write something for the blog, and this is what she sent me:

On October 21, 2007, I received the worst phone call of my life. I have received other phone calls, which have altered my life but it must be the ultimate worst to hear your son say, “I don’t have good news, Mom.” And then he continued to tell me that he had been diagnosed with B-cell Lymphoma, Non-Hodgkin’s. I listened in silence and shock as he confidently told me what he knew so far and what he figured was in store for him in the near future. Anna was on the phone also and I was assured that they had been researching this on the Internet and that, although it was a very aggressive form of cancer, it was also very receptive to treatment and very beatable.

I had no idea how to respond to this news. How do you say something supportive and comforting and not get emotional? It wasn’t easy and I did what every mother would do . . . I cried.

Bob assured me that he was completely fine with whatever lay ahead; he was ready to tackle this hurdle and ready to beat it. It was not going to control him; he would have the upper hand.

I already knew that Bob was very aware of good health habits; he exercised, he ate well, he was strong, he had a positive attitude, he has lots of support from family and friends. I knew what he was telling me about his well-being was good and this would hold him in good stead to meet this new challenge, but I still cried.

A week later, he stopped in for lunch. It was nice to see him so confident and relaxed. His comment to me was “Don’t you worry about me, Mom. I’m going to be fine.”

And, you know what, he will be.


Adam Kayce, Monk at Work said...

Hey Bob,

I just saw the video of you on the Crossfit site — keep your chin up, buddy. We're rooting for you.

It looks like you've got a wonderful family around you; their love is going to see you through this.

Best wishes!

StrengthDoc said...

Just saw the video on CrossFit as well.

So I hear the treatments for cancer can produce physical and psychological discomfort. You've been there and done that - nothing new.

You and I both know that the training you've done has taught you how to grind through tough times and come out the other end surprised at your potential.

We just simply don't know our capacity or where our limits are, really. Press on, Bob. Press on through and past this.

Paul said...

Hi Bob,
Just saw your video on crossfit too.

All the best with the treatments. Loved your mothers post and comments. Very touching. You have a great support network and you will come through and be the stronger for it.

Go n-eiri an bothar leat