Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sudbury Road Trip # 5

Sorry I haven't written in the last few days. A bomb exploded inside our house. Anna's mom came up for the weekend and helped us move Anna's office into the dining room and the dining room into the office. The result is a much bigger office for Anna and a much brighter dining room for both of us. We also did a major purge and cleaning of the basement. All in all, the feng shui in our house is better now. Change is nice too.

We are on our way back from Sudbury right now. Anna is typing, I am dictating. We saw Dr. Herst today for about 10 minutes. Left home at 9 am and will get home at 10 pm. All for a 10 minute consultation. But he had good news for us. I think we can say now, as conclusively as we'll ever be able to say anyway, that I "only" have Stage 2 NHL. The bone marrow biopsy showed, "no evidence of lymphoma in the sample provided," and the gallium scan showed, "no evidence of galliium-avid lymph tissue." We must admit that we were somewhat apprehensive going into today, so I wore my pink shirt as a talisman. I also spiked my mowhawk, which Donna the oncolgy nurse loved. After the consultation we got our prednisone prescriptions and our next appointment date, January 11. We also learned today that Dr. Herst is no big fan of naturopaths--no surprise there. I am okay with that, but I will still be taking advice from both my oncologist and my naturopath. We spent the afternoon with our friends Sarah and Dayv and their baby girl Ada. They fed us dinner before sending us on our way. The snowstorm has stopped and we are watching a big orange harvest moon rise in the east.


Mom said...

GREAT NEWS!!!! WOW!!!!! I have been anxiously looking for a post with updated news. I can just hear Donna commenting about your new spikey look, Bob. Your new office "digs" sound very workable, Anna. You have had a busy few days. Change is good tonic, too.

Love you lots!!!!


Jodie said...

That is awesome... I have been checking constantly.... didn't want to bother you with phone calls just in case... but that is awesome. I will try to call you tonight and give proper congratulations!! I am so happy for you! Now, get on the sauna plans! Love to you both!

Jane Laughton said...

What wonderful news! You must be so relieved!! as are all the people who care about you. I had also been checking constantly, because I figured it was about time for your results to be ready. Then when you didn't write on the weekend, I was really getting worried!
Great news!

Anonymous said...

Great news, Bob & Anna! Congratulations. I am very happy for you all. Love, Sarah L.